In need of an Off-Grid System?

We have partnered with wholesale distribution as well as factories to offer complete systems and installs 20% lower than normal costs!


Surefire Electric is committed to supporting your off-grid barndominium by providing wholesale equipment costs that are guaranteed to be lower than online retailers. We understand the importance of affordability when it comes to off-grid living, and our dedicated team ensures that you have access to high-quality electrical and solar equipment at the most competitive prices. By leveraging our network of trusted suppliers and industry connections, Surefire Electric can offer you a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment to providing wholesale equipment at guaranteed lower costs reflects our dedication to making sustainable and off-grid living accessible to everyone. With Surefire Electric, you can confidently build and power your barndominium with the assurance of quality equipment and unbeatable pricing.

Hunting Lodges

Surefire Electric is your trusted partner in transforming hunting lodges into sustainable and off-grid havens. Our tailored solar solutions are designed to provide reliable and eco-friendly power to your remote hunting retreats. Picture a scenario where the tranquil beauty of nature is complemented by the self-sufficiency of off-grid solar energy. Surefire Electric specializes in outfitting hunting lodges with solar setups that ensure uninterrupted power supply for essential amenities without relying on traditional grid connections. From lighting common areas to powering essential appliances, our off-grid solar installations offer a seamless and eco-conscious energy solution for your hunting lodge. Experience the freedom of sustainable living in the heart of nature with Surefire Electric, where we bring the power of the sun to your remote hunting retreats.

Air BnB

Surefire Electric is your go-to partner for turning off-grid Airbnbs into lucrative and sustainable ventures. Our tailored off-grid solar solutions are designed to maximize your return on investment by providing reliable and cost-effective power solutions for your Airbnb properties. Imagine offering guests a unique and eco-friendly experience in the midst of nature, where they can enjoy modern amenities without compromising on sustainability. With Surefire Electric, we ensure that your off-grid Airbnbs are equipped with efficient solar installations that not only reduce operational costs but also attract eco-conscious travelers seeking a green and memorable getaway. Enhance your property's appeal and increase your return on investment by embracing off-grid living with Surefire Electric—where sustainable hospitality meets financial success.

Farm & Agriculture

Surefire Electric understands the critical role of reliable power in agriculture and farming operations, and we specialize in providing cutting-edge off-grid solar solutions coupled with advanced battery storage to safeguard your most valuable investments. In the agricultural sector, where uninterrupted power is crucial for irrigation, equipment, and data-driven operations, our tailored systems ensure resilience against grid outages. Picture fields and barns powered by solar energy, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Our expertise in integrating high-capacity batteries enhances energy storage, allowing farmers to harness and store excess energy during peak production times for use during periods of low sunlight or increased demand. Surefire Electric is dedicated to fortifying the sustainability and productivity of farms through state-of-the-art off-grid solar solutions and robust battery storage systems, providing a reliable and efficient power source for the agricultural sector.

Transparent Installs

Surefire Electric is your transparent and reliable partner in off-grid solar installations, catering to Amarillo and the entire Panhandle of Texas. From initial site surveys to meticulous engineering plans, we prioritize transparency throughout the entire process. Our commitment is to customizing off-grid systems precisely tailored to your needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By providing clear and detailed cost breakdowns, we empower you to make informed decisions about your off-grid solar project. Surefire Electric's dedication to transparency extends beyond installation to ongoing support, assuring you that your off-grid system is not only seamlessly integrated but also optimized for the best possible cost in the Amarillo and Panhandle region. Choose Surefire Electric for a partnership that values openness, efficiency, and delivering the most cost-effective off-grid solar solutions for your specific requirements.





Surefire Electric takes pride in offering 40KW batteries at affordable four-figure price points, accompanied by low four-figure installation costs. We prioritize making sustainable energy solutions accessible without burdening your budget. Our commitment is to provide the fairest costs, ensuring that you receive top-quality batteries and professional installations without breaking the bank. At Surefire Electric, we understand the industry tendency for overcharging, and our mission is to defy that trend. By offering transparent pricing and competitive rates, we strive to make advanced energy solutions, like 40KW batteries, an affordable and realistic option for individuals and businesses alike. Trust Surefire Electric for a partnership that delivers exceptional value without compromise.

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