Surefire has positioned itself as Amarillo's most cost effective Solar company in the city.  With an Installation rate of 2.3 per KW we are 20-30% less than our closest competition. We have partnered with VerifyMySolar to make sure that our clients are able to get best cost systems. No more markups from out of town companies! Call us for more information

Why Local For Solar

Amarillo is the 15th most sunniest city in the USA and has seen electric rates double in the last 6 years. We want to help residents get an installation from a local company and avoid the headaches of out of town installers.

Site Surveys

We at Surefire are able to offer site surveys for clients looking to go solar. When getting your property prepared for solar it is important to manage all expectations and make sure that there are no surprises when installation takes place. We will be with you every step of the way.


Every city has its own process when doing construction and solar additions. We have been through the permitting process and we will be able to help assist your home in the addition of solar.  From pre-approval to rough in and final inspection we will make sure to follow all guidelines in assuring your succesful solar installation.


Stamped engineering plans are vital when making sure that all connections and inspections go smoothly. Even for outside city limit jobs, homeowners and installers deserve to be able to have plans that are matching the installation on their property. Proper engineering plans will help your solar journey go smoother.

Fair Cost

We have seen outrageous costs of solar systems in the area so much that we wanted to add this as a service to help locals in Amarillo at least get a chance at a fair cost solar system. Currently we have quotes from PEC, Amarillo SP, the most local companies and we are able to beat their costs by 20-25%. We guarantee the most fair cost system.

Our Service to You

We pledge elite installation and top tier solar & electrical work so there will be no question in your electrical systems performance


Surefire Electric stands as a paragon of commitment to its clients in Amarillo, guaranteeing the best pricing available in the city. Our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our meticulous selection of Tier 1 products, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability. At Surefire Electric, we believe in transparency and integrity, pledging to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on excellence. Our team of seasoned professionals takes pride in adhering to the highest industry standards, ensuring that no corners are cut in the installation process. With Surefire Electric, clients can rest assured that they are receiving unparalleled service, marked by competitive pricing, premium products, and an unwavering commitment to delivering sustainable and reliable energy solutions.


Surefire Electric goes above and beyond by providing customers with warranties that surpass the return on investment, offering peace of mind and ensuring a financially sound decision. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase, as our warranties are meticulously crafted to cover the lifespan of the products, guaranteeing durability and reliability. This approach not only safeguards our clients' investments but also reflects our confidence in the quality and longevity of our installations. At Surefire Electric, we understand the importance of a worry-free experience, and our extended warranties underscore our dedication to delivering value that consistently outpaces the initial cost, reinforcing our customers' confidence in choosing us as their trusted energy solutions provider.

Battery Installations

Surefire Electric stands out in the industry by offering battery installations for both new and existing systems at rates that are 50% less than those of other solar companies. We prioritize our customers' financial well-being by working within their budget, ensuring a fair and transparent pricing structure. Unlike some companies that may overcharge for their services, Surefire Electric is committed to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of our installations. Our goal is to empower customers with affordable and reliable energy storage solutions, making sustainable energy accessible to a broader audience while delivering exceptional value. With Surefire Electric, clients can trust in our commitment to fair pricing and unparalleled service in the renewable energy sector.

Tier 1 Solar Systems

Surefire Electric takes pride in delivering excellence through the consistent provision of Tier 1 solar products across the board. As a trusted energy solutions provider, we understand the critical role product quality plays in the performance and longevity of solar systems. That's why we exclusively source Tier 1 products, representing the highest industry standards for reliability, efficiency, and durability. By utilizing these top-tier components, Surefire Electric ensures that our customers benefit from cutting-edge technology and maximum energy output. Our commitment to delivering only the finest solar products underscores our dedication to providing sustainable and reliable energy products.

Financial Lending

Surefire Electric takes pride in our commitment to providing customers with a hassle-free and financially sound solar experience. We carefully select solar lenders with a focus on transparency and customer-centric financing options. Not only do our preferred lenders avoid balloon notes, ensuring straightforward and predictable payment structures, but they also eliminate automatic put-backs in the loan. This means that our clients won't face unexpected financial burdens or sudden increases in payments. At Surefire Electric, we prioritize partnerships that align with our commitment to customer satisfaction, allowing our clients to invest confidently in solar solutions. Our financing options are designed to be clear, fair, and without hidden complications, allowing customers to achieve their Return on Investment within a reasonable 10-year timeframe without the worry of unexpected financial challenges.


Surefire Electric prides itself on fostering a partnership built on proactive problem-solving, mutual support, and shared successes. Our team of dedicated electrical and solar experts is committed to standing by your side through every challenge and triumph. By adopting a forward-thinking and solution-oriented approach, we aim to anticipate and address potential issues, ensuring a smooth and efficient collaboration. Whether it's overcoming technical challenges or celebrating milestones, our partnership is grounded in a shared commitment to excellence and the proactive resolution of any hurdles that may arise. With Surefire Electric, you can trust that our support extends beyond the installation phase, creating a lasting alliance dedicated to navigating the evolving landscape of renewable energy together.




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